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Spotify flexes knowledge of your music taste with in-app suggestions

The Spotify logo on a green backdrop surrounded by pink and white graphics.
Illustration by Nick Barclay / The Verge

Spotify’s personalization features are about to pop up in more areas of the app. The service will soon start showcasing banners and in-app messages tailored to your listening habits, such as telling you how many times you listened to artists like Doja Cat last month.

In addition to giving you insight into your activity on the app, Spotify’s messages will prompt you to listen to Doja Cat or encourage you to use Spotify’s AI DJ to play similar music. Another example, as shown in the image embedded below, links you to your Daylist, a feature that comes up with a playlist based on what you typically listen to throughout your day.

Image: Spotify

Spotify doesn’t say when — or how often — these personalized messages will…

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