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Asus won’t say if the ROG Ally’s SD card reader will ever be truly fixed

A white handheld with black joysticks and buttons sitting on a wooden desk with shallow depth of focus, at an angle to accentuate its profile.
The Asus ROG Ally. | Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

What is Asus hiding?

Two weeks ago, I told you how Asus has officially extended its warranty on the ROG Ally gaming handheld’s SD card reader to two full years in the United States, presumably to give you more time to get it fixed. But Asus refuses to confirm to The Verge that it’s actually identified a fix for the issue. If you ship your Ally back to Asus, there’s no guarantee the problem won’t reappear.

Early on, some ROG Ally buyers discovered the SD card readers had a tendency to fail and possibly damage your SD cards in the process. One law firm, CSK&D, even threatened to pursue a class-action lawsuit on behalf of owners, though I haven’t yet found record of an actual suit being filed, and its class-action website has since been…

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