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DALL-E now lets you edit images in ChatGPT

King Potato surrounded by minion potatoes created by DALL-E 3
Nothing but respect for MY president. | Image: OpenAI

OpenAI’s DALL-E is getting a couple of upgrades today that help you shape your AI-generated masterpieces. First, you’ll now find image editing tools when using DALL-E within ChatGPT, both on the web and on mobile. Second, DALL-E now offers preset style suggestions to help inspire image creation — not unlike Android’s AI-generated wallpaper prompts. Because how else could you dream up a sci-fi polar bear on vacation?

DALL-E is on its third generation, and recent updates like this seem to be aimed at making it more user-friendly. DALL-E 3 added integration with ChatGPT, which takes the burden off the user to write a perfectly descriptive image prompt — just tell ChatGPT what you want, and it will do the rest. Today’s update is an extension…

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