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State legislator makes deepfake of colleague to prove deepfakes are bad

Photo illustration to show a person’s face being stolen for deep-fake porn.
Cath Virginia / The Verge | Photos from Getty Images

George state Senator Colton Moore, a vocal opponent of legislation that would ban deepfakes of politicians, recently spoke out in support of a bill that would do just that. “The overwhelming number of Georgians believe the use of my personal characteristics against my will is fraud, but our laws don’t currently reflect that,” Moore said in a recent video. Except Moore never said that. The video was a deepfake — the exact kind of thing Moore’s colleagues want to ban. The clip was created by state Representative Brad Thomas, a Republican who co-sponsored the bill, The Guardian reports.

“If AI can be used to make Colton Moore speak in favor of a popular piece of legislation,” the deepfake video continued, “it can be used to make any of you…

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